Posted by: merlyn9 | 15 August, 2008

Yellowstone… In Winter… Sign me up baby!


Bugling Bull Elk at Dawn

Bugling Bull Elk at Dawn

So I’ve been going out to Yellowstone for about 3 years now during Rut Season in late September or early October.  What a blast, from a photographic point of view. 

Grand Teton's Reflection at Sunrise

Grand Teton

I have wanted to get out there in the winter sometime for a while now.  Missed out on an opportunity last year when The workshop I was interested in filled up fast.  Not gonna make that mistake this time.  I just got an Email from the nice folks at The Great American Photography Workshops.

They are doing their Winter Wonderland III Workshop in Yellowstone in February.
I have signed up as well as my Favorite Sherpa Diane!  It did snow briefly on us there at 8,000ft. last October, but to be there when the snow is so deep we can’t walk without snowshoes!  I can’t wait to get out there…  I’m no Tom Murphy, but this guy inspires me.  I would just Love to be able to get even close to a shot I have seen of his with a Bison -35 Degrees near a thermal and the frost and ice on this bison’s face and the mist in the air is just amazing!  This guy camps out in the wild during winter, and Not in a full covered tent either!  If You have ever seen the video “Christmas in Yellowstone”, (this has aired on PBS several times) you’ll know what I mean, and why as a photographer I am so excited…  Well worth the time to watch… Heck I bought my own copy.

Don’t know if we will be taking the video camera on this trip… but ALL the camera gear is going.

Can you see me in the back of a Big Snow Cat with the 500mm lens in tow?

So we weighed our options, flying in, renting a vehicle, hotel costs, limited gear packed giving ever changing flight restrictions, etc. vs. driving the Big Ass Truck for 20-hours with all my gear, extra pillow(s), No Tray Table restrictions, No radio/music/electronic/cell phone restrictions, ability to pee whenever Sherpa #1 wants too (providing pilot feels like stopping!), and of course – the cost of Gas.  Driving has won out.  Oddly, there seems to be one Direct flight in and out of Jackson Hole a day from Chicago on our airline of choice, and about a dozen or more connecting flight a day through Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW).  some of those connecting flights had total times start-to-finish of over 30-hours, Dang!  My chance of having a weather delay with the truck is a lot less than waiting around the airports for weather.  And I can get Pizza!  Of course, that time of year the scenery can be so much better looking than the clouds.

These images are just a few shots from last October’s trip. Keep an eye out here for images from February’s trip once we return…


Mountain Goats refreshing at rivers edge

Mountain Goats refreshing at rivers edge



Bull Elk w/harem crossing the river at dawn

Bull Elk w/harem crossing the river at dawn




The Duckies enjoying the Grand Tetons

The Duckies enjoying the Grand Teton's


Thats Diane - Sherpa #1 and myself

That's Diane - Sherpa #1 and myself


More images from our 2007 trip at this link: Yellowstone /Grand Tetons 2007





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