Posted by: merlyn9 | 20 August, 2008

I’m not ready for this!

Well I guess it was bound to happen… but that does not mean I have to be ready for it, or that I am happy to admit to it, or that I am old enough to be here yet.  OK, so maybe becoming 50 this year puts me old enough, but do I have to admit to this?

So this isn’t a blog entry about photography directly, but it has some photographic tasks behind it’s roots.  I can take a little liberty and stretch this just a little.

For those that don’t know, I have two sons; Matthew(21-something) and Adam(17-something) with birthdays in Oct. and Nov. respectively. Matthew’s been home all summer and living off the love of his parents and Grandmother… who is too generous with her Gas Card!   Both boys have spent at least a little portion of the summer trying to find jobs… then doing what kids do during summer break.

A good portion of this time time for Matthew has been spent working on his car to keep it race ready for the CVO Autocross events he participates in.  This weekend was the big Midwest Treffen 2008 2-day event, with the autocross and Drag events on Saturday, and the Car Show on Sunday. While Matthew would participate in all the weekend events, including being one of the DCI entries, I myself would only be there shooting the Autocross event, and a few at the Drags on Saturday… I was off to Michigan International Speedway (MIS) for the NASCAR race there on Sunday.


Aerial shot of Matthew at Midwest Treffen 2008

Aerial shot of Matthew at Midwest Treffen 2008

This was also Matthew’s last weekend home with us too, for as much as he was home.  Sunday after the Car SHow, he would be stopping by the house, unloading his car stuff which he carries to these events, and loading up the last of the stuff he was taking back to school with him… Including his Xbox 360 (which I still can’t believe I let into my house… but they Snuck it in!) The weekend before Matthew and his mother had loaded up the family van and took down all his larger items, and the majority of his possessions and transported them back down to School, ISU — Illinois State University   Being the Great Dad that I try to be, I supplied Matthew with a new Fast Ethernet Switch and a spare 25-ft cable, so he could plug in both his Xbox and Laptop into the high-speed connection in his room, rather than trying to run his gaming through a wireless connection… Sometimes I can’t help but be a Geek Dad!   So as Sunday came to an end and I arrived back home safe after the MIS race (Where Carl Edwards beat the pants of Kyle Busch to win the race, thank goodness!), Matthew had been off and back at school already, playing his Xbox I’m sure, rather than getting a good nights rest for classes on Monday.

Monday came along… I’m off working on my 9-5 IT stuff in my office, when My Mother-in-law brings it all into perspective for me: “You know, as of today You have two boys in College now…”  And with that, I hear my Father’s voice in the back of my head: “I’m Not Old Enough For this!”.  That’s how I feel now.

Yes, Adam is going to be completing his Senior year at St. Charles North High School this year. But he really has only 3 classes (gym & study hall do not count).  They have a program where as part of my cost of his senior year, where he can take College courses and get a head start on that education, while he still finishes up his Senior year.  It meant giving up his participation in sports and being on the Cheerleading team, but this is something he really wanted to do.   And what the heck… it actually save’s me some money since these two semesters at Elgin Community College (ECC) are picked up by the high school, including Books! So off to begin College classes 9-days before high school starts he goes.  He’s determined to make this all work, and we do stand behind him.  

I have to get back to work… I have to pay for all this yet!  For at least the next 4-6 years.  Well that’s how long they will be generating New bills for me to figure out how to pay.

I still don’t feel I’m old enough to be walking around telling peoples I have two boys off in college yet.
But then again, What is My Father telling folks now?


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