Posted by: merlyn9 | 3 September, 2008

Canon EOS 20Da Back on the Block…

****  SOLD  **** 

( 17Sep08 )

Alright, so after having a few folks seem quite interested in this camera body, when it came right down to finally shelling out the money for this, they all failed.  Others could not be reached through valid E-mail addresses.

So For those interested in an Astrophotography-ready DSLR camera, this is for you.

See the original details here: Canon EOS 20Da… For Sale!

If you are seriously interested, please contact me from the link on the page referenced above.



My Canon EOS 20Da and Original packaging

My Canon EOS 20Da and Original packaging



  1. Please tell me about what you have for sale? Price, payment terms shipping ect.


    Chuck Bigbie

  2. Do you want to sell the 20da?


  3. hello! i very interest for this camera.
    because i’m amateur for astronomy.
    but i’m student and i live in Singapore.
    how the price and can you discount for me?
    the Original package are complete?
    how to pay money to you?
    can you e-mail answers to me?
    thank you very much…

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