Posted by: merlyn9 | 4 October, 2008

Happy Birthday Diane!             Lead Sherpa #1

I wanted to take time to extend a Special Birthday Greeting to a Very Remarkable Friend.

Diane May your day be filled with Joy and Happiness!

The Sherpa... in the Shade!

The Sherpa... in the Shade!

I have known and been friends with Diane now for over… ah, 17-years.  We have grown to be best friends and have shared many moments together.  Over the past few years Diane has taken on the role of Number One Sherpa… but somehow I still carry all the gear!  But she does watch it, the tent, and direct traffic while I am focused on shooting what ever event or activity we are at.  Sometimes she even plays that voice of reason (worrywart) when I am taking and pushing myself or my photography.  Complete with tears of fear!  I think she may think I have a death wish, but when I feel right about getting the shot, I do what I think I need to grad it/them.  I have hung over Castle walls, knelt on the edge of the Grand Canyon, and sat nearly (it’s not as bad as she tells the story either) in the path of speeding Autocross drivers as they speed by.  All this while Diane held my leg as I hung over that wall, begged me to come away from the edge (She did still manage to take a Great shot of me in action there though), and pleaded with me to move further out of reach of those speeding cars.  Honestly, it is a down right wonderful feeling to feel that concern while I attempt to attain some memorable shot.

From Friend to Adventurer, to superb Faire companion, she always tries to have fun and keep a cheerful outlook. As she has said: “Once you share a tent with someone for a week…”  

A Rose for the Lady on her Special Day!

A Rose for the Lady on her Special Day!

A fantastic friend she is too, from getting up at 3AM to head over one state and catch the Sandhill Cranes as the Sun breaks over the horizon, to reading foreign directions on a map while I navigating a road in Paris at 11PM on a Friday evening.  Who else would think to find a US based restaurant chain, and ask for directions there?  Or, ask her how much fun it is to flip a raft after being guided Backwards over a drop in the river and getting wedged on an undercut rock!  There’s always that 500-mile tandem bike ride from the Twin Cities to Chicago. 30mph down hill with Diane screaming and pounding on my back to slow down!!!

Diane, You are indeed a Very Special Friend and I am very glad to be called your friend.  Let’s keep this friendship alive as you approach this side of the big hill.   It’s a long slide down from here,  just like the Snail says: “Wheeeeeeeeee”

Thanks loads for letting me be your friend.  And thanks for all the help you have provided me these past few years with all the photographic endeavors we have partook in.  I’m not done yet either, and could always use a Lead Sherpa!

Can’t wait to experience Yellowstone in the Snow this year.  And You are one friend that won’t abandon me on my adventures down to Antarctica!   By The way, How’s my 100-400mm Zoom?  Been a while since I’ve seen, held, or used that myself!

Enjoy this entire day!

 Go Ride a Harley… You know exactly what I mean!    


Love Ya kiddo!

Heres Looking at You Kid!

"Here's Looking at You Kid!"

That photographer really works me hard...

"That photographer Guy really works me hard..."



They Grow em Big in Texas!  i(those are 5-story Cowboy Boots!)/i

They Grow 'em Big in Texas! (those are 5-story Cowboy Boots!)



  1. Very Nice – better dress warm for the snow.

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