Posted by: merlyn9 | 6 October, 2008

Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!! 

Wendy May You enjoy a restful and Carefree Day!

Wendy and a Happy Tongue!

Wendy and a Happy Tongue! - Diesel

What is the best way a woman can enjoy her Birthday?

How about a day at the Spa?
How about a day at the spa… On a Cruise!

This is how Wendy has decided to spend her Birthday this year.  Which is cool. (well actually in Wendy’s words, “It’s nice and warm…”)  When we originally made plans for myself to actually go on an adventure down to Antarctica as part of my 50th Birthday this year, it was only fair for Wendy to go have some fun adventure/vacation herself.  No, She was not going to join me there… “It’s Too Cold!”  or to paraphrase another comment from her, “I only go on vacation to places where it’s above 70˚”.   So off on a cruise to through the Bahamas. 

So as she enjoys the wonderful weather out that way, She has a Spa day scheduled for today, and time at Atlantis as well.   Hopefully she will be taking some good photographs to remember this journey and adventures.  Especially when they snorkel with the stingrays. That could be interesting to see.  While she is not a DSLR user, she does have a nice little Olympus P&S which we also have the underwater housing for which is perfect for outing like this.

Your Family… Remember us back here?  Wish You a very Happy Birthday!

Wendy, with her Oldest Son Matthew and his Fiance Lee

Wendy, with her Oldest Son Matthew and his Fiance Lee

So, while I’m now putting of my trip to Antarctica so I can have some surgery…
Wendy Enjoys herself with Mickey and Minnie, and her friend Patty.
Not to worry, I will be taking a smaller trip instead, out to Yellowstone for a Photo Workshop in February.  (see my posting:  Yellowstone… In Winter… Sign me up baby!)

I’m guessing there won’t be any shark diving, or going down the Shark water slide.

Remember to send us a Postcard or two!  Got that Address?


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