Posted by: merlyn9 | 8 October, 2008

Antarctica Trip Update

Way Way South!

Way... Way South!

I thought I would share an update via this Blog Posting while still leaving the the Original page intact, with a small update, and reference. If you have not read about it, you can find it at this link:  Antarctica Trip

While the economy really really Sucks right now, I had basically saved up for the past 3+ years and pretty much had all the monies for this trip put away, even making me some interest!  Heck, Diane and I had even been building plans for how to get all our gear safely and securely down to South America, including at least one bottle of champagne (intact).  

Rick Guthke our Adventure Specialist from Natural Habitat Adventures has been Great in answering all our questions and inquiries about various aspects of this planned adventure. We had been planning the Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia adventure.

Turns out I need to have some surgery, and well I really can’t put this off too much longer.  This surgery is going to cost me nearly 50% more than the trip to Antarctica.  So, I would have to use all the trip monies, and find a way to come up with still another $8-9,000.00 

Wendy and I talked this over and well have gone down the path to go with the surgery at this time.  I have no clue where or how I’m going to come up with the additional money required, but in the interest of my health, etc… I better get this taken care of.  

Knowing just how much this trip was really meaning to me, and how much my excitement was growing and I was looking forward to making this journey, Wendy did suggest that maybe I try finding a smaller trip of sorts, closer to home.  And let’s not cancel this adventure, just postpone it a bit, say maybe for my 55th birthday.  That should allow us time to grow the financial stores required to make this trip a reality once again.

So Now I had to asked Diane if she wouldn’t mind putting this trip off for nearly 5-years.  Diane was pretty understanding, I guess I should have expected this… She is a wonderful best friend, sherpa, and photo assistant.

And for the time being the Adventures down to the Only Continent I have yet to set foot on will be postponed until 2013.  Let’s hope the price of gas and Oil gets  more reigned in by then and all the added expense and surcharges become more reasonable and manageable again.

Oh Man… Now I have to let Rick know too that I’ve had to postpone this trip for just a bit…
Maybe I could just send him a copy of this blog? 

And I have found by fate a trip that I think will hold my sanity in check… at least for this next year!  But that will be the subject of my next posting!  Know that it too involves Snow, Cold, and great photographic opportunities.


Images in this post courtesy of iStockphoto.


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