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Yellowstone Winter Wonderland Update


Things are progressing along pretty nicely for this trip.  Rhonda over at The Great American Photography Workshops has been terrific at responding to both E-mails and Phone calls from Diane and myself.  Actually with the planning we’ve been doing to drive out there potentially act as a carpool vehicle, and working to get a group rate for the before/after lodging, I’m almost surprised Rhonda’s not tired of hearing from us already.

As of last week, both Diane and I have paid up additional fund such that we are nearly 50% paid for the Workshop itself.  As a refresher, this is their Winter Wonderland III, 2009  Workshop in Yellowstone in February.  Back in August I received an E-mail announcement from them about this workshop. Did a little chatting about it, and then made preliminary arrangements with my Sherpa – Diane to participate in the workshop.  This is the trip I am taking in lieu of heading down to Antarctica as part of my turning 50 this year.  I covered all that in my last blog entry.

Diane in West Yellowstone During October Snows

Diane in West Yellowstone During October Snows



You know, even though they have as a Sponsor, that Other Side camera manufacturer N*k*n, I won’t hold that against them too much and just rib them a little while we are out shooting in the park.

Lets see now how things are stacking up for this adventure.  Canon has announced the  long awaited EOS 5D Mark II 21.1 megapixel Full-Frame camera.  Available in November, I am hoping to have my hand on one of these in time for this trip.  Between the 5D MKII, my other Canon Bodies, I should be prepared for Beauty, Action, and Fine Details. Since we will be driving out there, I see no reason to leave any of my lenses behind.  I should have opportunities for the full range between the 11-22mm all the way up to the 500mm lens. (I still have dreams of shooting in Yellowstone some day with that new 800mm Prime Lens Canon announced this time last year, and I believe became available back in June. )

Snow Bunny???   You Decide!

Snow Bunny??? You Decide!





I am hoping to be able to get out extra early before any workshop activities begin a few mornings while we are in the part at Old Faithful Lodge, and capture some wildlife right at the thermals, either just before, or as the sun is coming up.  A Frosty Bison or three are high on my list of shots to get.  Gonna be working up a capture list of creatures and images I hope to head home with by the time this Adventure is completed.  Heck riding in one of those Snow Cat tractors is on that list as well.  We will have to wait and see where the moon will be while we are there, and hope for some clear sky’s at night too.

Interestingly enough we dropped in on a Hog Roast given by the local Harley-Davidson dealership over the weekend.  Of all the things we bought while there was something we had not seen before.  You know those Hand Warmer packs you can get to stick in your gloves during the winter.  Well they make a Boot version of the same product.  Given how long we expect to be out during shoots and how cold it will be in Yellowstone, we will be putting these through some tests.  We did pick up a couple pair for each of us.

As I finish up this entry, I’m sitting in a hotel room out in Highlands Ranch, CO.   Just south of Denver.  The temperature is 38 degrees as it approaches 1AM, heading down to 30 tonight.  Snow fell in the higher altitudes here last evening, and Billings Montana got 2 feet of Snow over the weekend.  So I’d say, for a person who loves winter that these are a few sure signs that it’s on it’s way and I can really begin to anticipate the thrills this trip will bring me.  Maybe I am putting a lot of high hopes into this workshop and the adventure it brings, but I have faith!  I have seen Yellowstone in the fall for numerous years now and I don’t think I have ever seen any of those surrounding mountains, Tetons inclusive without Snow.  I love the beauty of that entire area.  I have seen what others have photographed throughout that area during the winter.  Now it’s my turn to experience this great place under Mother Natures Blanket.  

Bull Elk bugling while relaxing along the rivers edge.

Bull Elk bugling while relaxing along the rivers edge.



Original Blog Post with some of My Yellowstone images from past few years:
Yellowstone… In Winter… Sign me up baby!

Some Images (2) in this post courtesy of iStockphoto.  Others were shot by myself.

Click for Old Faithful, Wyoming Forecast




  1. Love that Snow Cat photo! too cool

  2. If You liked that one… Just wait ’til February when I get some New ones of my own!

  3. World Heritage:Yellowstone National Park hiking

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