Posted by: merlyn9 | 5 December, 2008

My Canon EOS 5D MKII — Update

So Canon is delivering the EOS 5D MKII’s to stores for delivery to customers who have eagerly been awaiting their arrivals.  Ah…. The first batch are of the line and out the door.  So I’m on a waiting list at my favorite Local Camera Store, complete with Deposit down for my very own 5D MKII.


For grins  I called just to check how things were going with the arrivals and order  fulfillment on the 5D MKII’s.   In a nice warm friendly voice I was assured they indeed are getting  camera’s in and working on their waiting list.  They would be getting in several more shipments this month and that they thought they would be able to fill all their existing orders by the first of the year.

 Cool I thought!  My guess is Canon will be trying to meet the Christmas gift list for a lot of photographers.

This definitely fits into the timeline  I was shooting for to have mine.  
As long as I have mine fully functional Before the middle of January, and I have time to work and experiment with it both inside and outside (read: ah… out in the nice Midwest Winter weather and attached to my 500mm f/4.0 lens!).  This should set me up nicely for the adventures ahead in February in and on the way to Yellowstone for the Winter Wonderland III, 2009 Workshop starting in Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton area, then moving into Yellowstone Nations Park. I tell you, I just can’t wait for this trip. Even more so to put this new Full Frame camera through a good workout there.

Just had to share this update… This is Good News to My Ears!

Only initial concern I have so far is as in the past Canon has changed the battery spec again, and thus changes to the Battery Grip. For the 5D MKII the Battery Grip now is: BP-E6, but the cost has really shot up. and that too depends upon whom you order this from.   When I purchased my EOS 40D I believe I still paid less than $200.00 for the battery grip.  (I would have to double check to be sure…).  But now for the 5D MKII I have seen prices from $279.95 to $349.99 for the BG-E6 grip.  And before folks go asking if it’s really worth the extra cost.  In my experiences I have gotten better overall batter life with the grip vs. changing out to a second battery, so Yes to me in the long run this IS worth the added expense.  Extra Batteries seem to be running around $79.95/ea. which I’ll need to have at least One or Two extra ones without the Battery Grip , or with it, an extra set; prior to going out and playing in any very cold weather like Yellowstone in February, or shooting Eagles along the Mississippi!  Unfortunately this seems to be an Evil Unavoidable expense.



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