Posted by: merlyn9 | 25 January, 2009

7 Days and Counting…

Ah, the final week before we start our journey across the Midwest out to Jackson Hole Wyoming, and then into Yellowstone National Park for a Photographic Adventure.

GAPW Logo As I have been writing about over the past few months, The Great American Photography Workshops is presenting their Winter Wonderland III, 2009 workshop.  Or as George Theodore mentioned in an E-mail last week ‘it’s more of a tour because we are spending so much time in the field.’  Which is totally OK with me since I want to shoot shoot shoot as much wintertime wildlife as I can, not to mention capturing Old Faithful during multiple lighting conditions including, hopefully some night shots with a starry sky as a backdrop!  

Bull Elk at Dawn

Bull Elk at Dawn

There was some good, entertaining and friendly E-mail banter that went back and forth last week between a number of the participants… I think this is shaping up to be a Great trip!  Tom Bol is the other instructor, and is sounds as if there are 14 participants… so we should have some good conversations and experiences to share together as well.

Between getting my New Camera Body last week in time for this trip, finally having my surgery this week and having that go well, and now possibly finding those extra batteries I need for the Canon Eos 5D Mark II…  I am getting Super excited about the possibilities this trip holds.  Heck, My friend Wendy over at Calumet even left me a message that she might even have a line on the BG-E6 Battery Grip for this camera.  Now, If indeed, the Battery order comes through, I’ll have to wait on that grip, since I might be shelling out for 3-Batteries, which I think I’ll take over the grip for now.  That should get me through this adventure, and then give me 2 full sets of batteries when I can afford the grip down the road again.

Prowling Yellowstone National Park

Prowling Yellowstone National Park

So between Work, Dr.’s Visits, surgery, recovering, etc.  I have been trying to shoot different things with the 5D MKII to get a good feel for the functionality of this camera.  I did have an opportunity to do a Valentine’s Day themed Model shoot on Sunday.  WoW!  The details this 21.1 MP Full-Frame camera picks up from about 10-12 feet away using my 70-200mm 2.8 L IS USM zoom is scary compared to what I have been used to seeing.

 The studio we shot in was a bit cool, and it was around 17 degrees outside… As we started, the one model had goose bumps… but in reviewing images on the computer later, the details and sharpness show goose bumps on Goose Bumps!  In another close-up it fully highlights the details in the models contact lenses she was wearing.

Bald Eagle at Sunset -- Yellowstone National Park

Bald Eagle at Sunset -- Yellowstone National Park

So noticing the amount of details this camera is picking up has me excited about what more details I should be able to pick up in my Wildlife endeavors.  

Well, I got a little bit off track there but we are now in the final stages of making sure we have all the gear we will need for this adventure.  I feel sorry for the folks at the Snow Lodge in Yellowstone.  Looks like there are a number of Photography groups in there during our stay.  With all of us recharging batteries, phones, etc. in the evening, that’s going to create a bit hefty electric bill…  Clothing wise, Cabela’s can be your friend!
Our checklist looks primarily like this:

  • Long underware;
  • boot;
  • memory cards;
  • batteries;
  • Charges;
  • Laptop with Lots of Storage Space…

What else could we possibly need?  Well, besides the Cameras…
Looks like we’ll have a chance to play cold weather shooting too before we leave.  Sounds like on Saturday we are heading up to Lake Sinnissippi in Wisconsin to watch and shoot some Ice Driving with the Badger Audi Car Club, and a number of local drivers from CVO.   Nothing like standing out on the Ice in Zero degree weather with 20MPH winds!  My guess is by the time we get to the Teton’s and Yellowstone, we’ll be all set for the weather and the beauty around the parks.


Now let’s  hope we have Wildlife willing to come out and play in the cold with us!



All Images Copyrighted © 2009 michael T. sedwick



  1. I hope you have all your winter clothes packed – Diane says her snow pants did the trick this past weekend on the ice lake adventure in WISC. My dad grew up in that area BTW. Hope to see you before you go. Later ….

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