Posted by: merlyn9 | 15 February, 2009

Did You Know???

Just a quickie post here for those that drop by or follow my blogging to look at my images.  So, yes some might look small within the pages and blog entries I write… But that is just because the templates, and blog page sizes are limited without spending more $$$ annually for fancy CSS coding options, and custom templates.  

But, Did you know that you can click on these Images?

Prowling Yellowstone National Park

Roaming around Yellowstone National Park During RUT Season

 If You click on any of My Included images within my blog entries, they will open up larger in your browser window so you can enjoy the images more.  You think I’m just carrying this 500mm lens around because I look good wearing it?

Go ahead, click on the image to the right and see what I mean…


Don’t worry, you’ll soon have plenty more opportunity to try out this capability as I work on and release the entires about out recent awesome trip out to Yellowstone National Park and the Teton’s in the Snow and Cold and Snow!   Captured some great moments and wildlife… even a tree or two!   (That’s for You Tom!)


See You soon!


All Images Copyrighted © 2009 michael T. sedwick


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