Posted by: merlyn9 | 17 February, 2009

Tickle Tuesday…

Just a quick bit of humor and jab at those Nikonians!

Shooting the Falls...
So here we are, Day-5 of the Winter Wonderland III, 2009 Photography Workshop out in Yellowstone National Park.  We stopped near mid-day at Gibbon Falls for some shooting there.   Diane took this shot of me working to get the composition, focus and exposure just right for this shot.  That’s  George Theodore one of the leaders of this workshop on the far left of the image… I love this shot!  George being a N*K*n User is looking at his camera confused…   

OK, In George’s defense we were all trying out a Special Filter Tom Bol (the other trip leader) had brought with.  So Tom was sharing out a number of Singh-Ray Vari-ND Variable Neutral Density Filters.  These things are weird looking, but can produce some sweet looking images with silky smooth flowing waters dependent upon all your settings.  So like here, in this noon-ish bright sun we were setting up for ISO 100, f/22, for about 10-30 second exposures.  I’d show you one of my images, but as you can see in the image above, I did not put my lens hood back on after setting up the filter… right now, I am less than happy with the images from this location.  But I have some others from later in the week that I think turned out wonderfully.  Since I shot this with my new Canon EOS 5D MKII in Raw… I might do some cropping and see what turns out from there.  Still lots of Details with that long of an exposure.

I have not seen what others ended up with shot yet from this location… so I can’t be too harsh on myself yet.  Plus this was the first time I’ve tried this filter.  It does take some work to get everything set up just right for the shot… But from what I saw preliminary in some of my other shots.  I can say I’d like to try my hand at this filter again!   More images and stories from this trip coming soon… Very Soon!







All Images Copyrighted © 2009 michael T. sedwick



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