Posted by: merlyn9 | 8 April, 2009

Update and Recent Events

Just a quick update to share what has been going on, and where I’ve been.






Shooting the Morning Mist and Frost around Mt. Moran

A lot has happened over the last week, which can be called Life Changing of sorts.  I still have a lot to write about here from recent photographic adventures.  Complete the Series on our Winter Workshop in Yellowstone, a Classic 40’s/50’s/60’s Pin-Up shoot, migrating American White Pelicans, more Bean Images at Sunrise, and the impending start of the 2009 CVO Autocross season less than 2-weeks away.  





CVO Autocross Event [2008 Season]

CVO Autocross Event (2008 Season) 001

But last week I had taken a day off to attend a Photoshop seminar.  At noon on this day, I was had a phone call from one of my managers.  In short after over 10-years I was informed that my job position was being removed, and I therefore was part of the ongoing RIF (Reduction In Force) activities.  So after having a wonderful job working along the leading edge of the IT technical front, I find myself trying to put my life’s experiences onto two pages for a Real World Resume.  I can’t believe that 26+ years of being an IT professional and experience can simply be compressed into a few simple pages.  



So now my primary activities have been and will continue revolving around  gathering copies of records, etc. from on-line resources before I loose that access, getting all my experiences documented and of course obtaining another IT position as soon as possible.


CVO Autocross Event [2008 Season]

CVO Autocross Event (2008 Season) 002

As a Note, I will be completing the series from our Yellowstone adventures from that photographic workshop.  I will also share some images and words from a recent Pin-Up shoot I took part in.  This was a wonderful experience.  I also went out at sunrise back downtown to photograph The Bean again so I’ll be sharing some more of this.  During all these events, I have been gathering more images and experiences with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II.  This is proving to be a fantastic camera that continues to amaze me over and over again..







Renee's in the Army Now!

Until I have proper time to get all these additional posting up and shared, I have included a few images here to enjoy, and wet your whistles to come back and visit when I do get them up.  Feel free to share your comments below.










"Please wait while I connect Your Call"



















Jem Model 001  

Playboy Records




The Bean with the Sun just above the Horizon at Dawn




American White Pelicans

Migrating American White Pelicans resting over at Nelson Lake Marsh




Samantha Piccolo

The Cute Samantha at MLP's Racine Studio








All Images Copyrighted © 2009 michael T. sedwick


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