Posted by: merlyn9 | 6 July, 2009

Rough Work… But nice if you can get it!

Click, Click, Click…

During a recent shoot up at a studio in Racine, WI.  I had an opportunity to actually view a work of art in action, and actually touch it.  Sorry Rich… No Sunsets in this bunch!

So here it is…

Working with the 4x5

Working with the 4x5

So Proof positive that Film is Not Dead… totally… yet!
It was nice to see this camera in use, especially with Models.  A few shots with His 4×5 and then Leonard Peterson, the camera’s owner/photographer  from Milwaukee went to work with his Digital SLR, and ring flash.  This image of me above was shot with that ring-flash setup. Gotta love that minimal shadow effect too!

So When I wasn’t busy watching this camera in use, or having my portrait shot with it, I was working pretty hard to produce some wonderful select art myself.





Faith in the middle of becoming a Human Twister Board!


Anrylka and her Bird of Paradise

And so it went on all day, I clicked away at a number of models, including a few male models that dropped by for a while…

"I Said... I would be Back!"

"I Said... I would be Back!"

Needless to say, This Was indeed a fantastic shooting event and I am glad I decided to partake in this colorful affair.


I Want It All!

I am finding myself to be more selective of the shots I am actually taking, both the subject matter and the setting.  Now that I have comfortably gotten back into shooting models along these lines, I have resolved to shoot what I like and what works for me. Although, if you ask me nicely I may shoot something You like!

Lot’s more,but those I can not just put up here due to some more adult content rating.  Check out my other galleries for these lovely images.  I am still playing catch up working through recent shoots… and I am Still out there looking for a New Job!



All Images Copyrighted © 2009 michael T. sedwick



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