Posted by: merlyn9 | 15 December, 2010

It’s That Time of Year Again – Wish List 2010!

We all Have One… a Holiday Wish List!

The time has come when folks start asking “What do you want for Christmas?”
This Year things are tight all the way around.  I’m making less than I was last year at this time and working more.   I have one son Graduating with his Associates degree this Week, and transferring down to ISU in January.  My Son at ISU now will be coming home for the holidays this week  Then beginning his Student Teaching before his Graduation in May as a Teacher.  Do not get me wrong… I am Very Very Thankful that they are completing school.

So my Wish List this year is quite sensible… well to start anyhow.

  • Continued Good fortune for My Family;
  • Hold-on to Our Jobs, Our House, and Our Health;
  • Neat Image software Upgrade;
  • Gary Fong’s Lightsphere Collapsible;
  • Final Realization of The Barbershop Experiment;
  • Always a welcomed treat, anything from Barnes & Noble!;
  • iPad (ok… so this IS in the works already);
  • Use of an 800mm Lens during April Pelican migration and/or Prairie Chickens!!!;
  • Return to annually visiting  Yellowstone during Fall Rut Season!!!;
  • New 498RC2 Tripod Head from Manfrotto;
  • Many, Many More Boudoir Session Bookings!
  • Winning Just One Lottery Jackpot;

As I said, this would be pretty sensible… I’ve been missing the capabilities Neat Image gives me in Noise reduction, but it has not been a priority in the grand scheme of things.  I really want to get back on track with our annual Photographic adventures out to Yellowstone during the Fall Elk Rut.  This is an Awesome time of year to be in an amazing place.  Most of the other items on this list are self explanatory.

And then there are always those Dream Items… Like a Business Office front for meeting and working with customers.  And as long as we are going that far, how about my own local (key word here LOCAL) Studio space!

Just in case someone may be feeling overly Generous… Here’s a Great stocking stuffer, Bottle inclusive!

Look for you soon at
And Have Yourself a Grand Holiday Season this year wherever You Are!




All Images and Content Copyrighted ©  michael T. sedwick


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