Posted by: merlyn9 | 20 December, 2010

Oyster Sunday

What a Great Way to spend a Sunday Morning!

When I first moved out to South Elgin, there was a Great little bar in the area  called Half Moon Tavern.  Since then they have relocated out to Hinckley, Illinois.

They started a tradition there called Oyster Sunday, which is held once a month during traditional midwestern “safe” oyster months.  What better way to watch a football game or NASCAR race on a Sunday than to be with good friends, Great Food, and occasionally a wholesome hearty local band!  With the Bears winning on the TV, and The Foot Stampers playing in the background, Oysters, Jerk Shrimp, and Crawfish taste great washed down with one’s spirit of choice and an occasional Oyster Shooter!

Stop by some Sunday & check out the celebration… Just get there before 2-3pm when they may just run out of Oysters!  The Next one is on 23 January 2011.  Doors open promptly at noon… but there’s a line at the door by 11:40AM… Don’t be late!

Drop in and grab your share!



All Images and Content Copyrighted ©  michael T. sedwick


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