About Me…

me out shootingOK… So this is going to be my blog about my photographic adventures, etc.

By Day, I’m just an IT Super Geek.

In the past I worked for one of the Greatest companies in the world [IMHO] on some of the fastest and Coolest UNIX Servers in the world and around the world.  This sweet job has allowed me to travel to some wonderful places, including almost every continent for work.  I have also now worked in or played in all 50 States!

Now I still work on some of these Cool computers, just for a major energy utility in the US.  Don’t travel for work much at all (other then the long trek into the office! 😉 ) UNIX has been my way of life for over 2-decades now, and for the most part has been quite good to me.

When I’m not behind a computer I am a Very Passionate Photographer.  I enjoy shooting wildlife/nature, sporting action, and Fine Art/Glamour subjects.  I’ve done my share of weddings over the years. remember when we did special effects IN the Camera, including double exposures and masks? (rolling that film cartridge back exactly just a single frame…)  Who remembers using Twin Reflex cameras to produce a work product?  (Oh man, am I really that Old?)

Szadziewicz Family Coat of Arms

I have a few of my gallery links over on the right.  When I can, I take advantage of my travels to capture unique and captivating images from around the world.  I have been very fortunate to have experienced rich sights and adventures across many lands, cultures, and environments.  Numerous places I would love to visit again, and a few I would not.  I have tried to capture and share these in photographs.  With this blog I hope to extend this even more.

I am constantly looking for new exciting and creative photographic opportunities and subjects.  I have a few project themes I would like to create sets of images around and am looking for locations and models to complete these.  Have a cool idea you’d like to see in print… let’s collaborate!

My Tools

I’ve been shooting Digitally now for over 8 years.  I am a Proud  Canon Shooter!  i_love_my_cannon_cam___STAMP_by_se1988.gif
I have been a Photoshop user since the days of version 5.x, today using CS3.  I also heavily utilize Adobe Lightroom as well.  I guess I have a few computers at home…  5-Solaris servers, 1-linux box, 8-Windows based systems (laptops and desktops…)  Oh, and my beloved Macbook Pro laptop!!!  I have migrated most of my photo workflow to the Mac at the beginning of 2008.  I transfered my Photoshop license and work to this machine, while I use Lightroom [2.x] on both my Windows desktop, and on the MBP.
lightroom_cs3_stamp      I Love Lightroom, what a great tool for working through loads of images after a shoot.  For storage… you can never have enough storage.  I have a few 1-TB externals, and numerous smaller drives which I am using to store and archive my images…   photoshop_cs3_stamp_by_klakier666Waiting for the day I can archive an event or adventure to affordable Blu-Ray Media!

Look for more information here about me in the near future!

My Amazon.com Wish List


Yes, That photo across the site header above was taken by me.  This sunset image was taken in Fairbanks Alaska in January while I was up there working at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

The Crest image above is one that was  provided after some research was done on my Family’s name.

Castle Rose Photography

Castle Rose Photography


“Dam-it  Jim… I’m a Photographer of Birds… not a Birder who Photographers”  

So this does not mean I don’t know anything about the birds I am photographing.  I don’t know about all the birds I see in the areas I am photographing, or even around my local community.  But I do make an effort to find out about those birds I am capturing… even if it is after I’ve shot them.


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  1. Happy Birthday Michael!

    I hope things are better for you –

    – S

  2. Hi Michael and Diane!
    I met you yesterday at the Morton Arboretum Husky Heroes Sled Dog Demo. I was the one fascinated with all of your cameras and lenses! I’m also the one that looked into your 500 lens!!
    I just went thru your website and your bio. I thoroughly enjoyed both! I have been shooting photos since I was 5 but only in the past 10 years have I had any formal instruction or the opportunity to buy good equipment. So I’m really interested in your techniques, equipment, programs, etc. Your photos are gorgeous! Will you post any that you took yesterday? Are you on FaceBook?

    Sincerely and happy shooting to you both!
    Mary (MusherMary)

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