Antarctica Trip

Due to surgery this trip has been postponed
Please see Antarctica Trip Update entry. 

Some of you have heard us talking about what I have decided to do as part of my 50th Birthday. Well here’s where some of the details behind how this came about and update will be shared as they become more firmed up, etc.  As we begin this journey I am hopping to update entries here to share this adventure with folks as well, including some images from our travels.


How did this come about?
A few years ago as part of my friend’s 50th birthday we decided to embark on a customized trip across Alaska. And What a Great trip this was! (Alaska Gallery)  Now, I work for a cool and wonderful IT company which has me traveling quite a bit some times.  Over the years, this job has allowed me to work across every continent accept one… Antarctica!  By the time we had returned from our Alaska adventures, I had decided I was going to look into visiting this continent a reality… one way or another.  Knowing my company had some computers down there used by all the scientists that work and live there, I would drop hints that I wanted to get down there to work somehow on our equipment there.  Well I wasn’t really expecting this to go too far, so I also began to make my own plans to get down there.  And that’s where I am today, planning to travel to Antarctica in 2009.


Trip Plans

It has taken nearly 3-years worth of saving and scraping all sorts of monies to get to the point I could actually commit to a given season for this trip.  Now since Antarctica is at the bottom of the planet, and hence in the Southern Hemisphere… seasons there are opposite of those back home in North America.  Normal travel to the white land are planned during their Spring or Fall seasons, or Oct.-Nov. or Jan.-Mar. time frames. 

Right now plans are for a 20+ day trip in late 2009 which would include Antarctica, and the Falklands and South Georgia islands.  The scary thing now is with the craziness of oil prices, the Fuel Surcharges for this trip keep rising…  At this time we have narrowed our trip down to two providers: National Geographic Expeditions or Natural Habitat Adventures.

Natural Habitat Adventures
The Trip we are planning the Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia adventure.


The Birthday Surprise!

So along came the day I turned 50… and guess what I woke up to?
You guessed it, a yard full of penguins announcing  the day’s event.  What Friends I have!

Birthday Surprize!



  1. This looks good – maybe by next year we will have the monies saved to join you (or just send my better half).

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