Posted by: merlyn9 | 15 January, 2012

Been Gone Too Long!

Not Really MIA…

I’ve not forgotten about this blog… nor the folks that may read this.
I have been deeply involved in keeping the Day Job well so I can play, grow and maintain my Photographic efforts!

Just some random events, thoughts, and other wise Notable in 2011:

  • Day job still there… keeping me busy;
  • New Boss…  Have a new Boss on the Day Job;
  • iPad 2 came into my life… Great Tool (from a Photographers point of view);
  • Fell in Love with my iPhone 4g!!!;
  • Rented an 800mm lens for Yellowstone trip;
  • Picked up my OWN Vintage Barbershop Chair;
  • I am Way behind in my photo editing and publishing;
  • my list of concept sessions had Grown!;
  • One of my “Friends” had addicted me to Words with Friends;
  • New Solaris books have arrived on my Current Reading Shelf (ZFS, DTrace, Virtualization);
  • Doing More and More work in support of our UNIX DR efforts;
  • Close to a New Logo Design… I think;
  • Yellowstone trip Was Wonderful;
I’ll be working on updating things here and getting back into a regular (I hope) posting schedule again.


All Images and Content Copyrighted ©  michael T. sedwick



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